Hi, I'm an award-winning copywriter, editor, creative and strategist with senior managerial experience.

I am a specialist in social media, digital marketing and brand publishing, all informed by audience insight, trends and platform behaviour.

Over the last ten years, I've worked for big names and small start-ups, mainly in retail and entertainment. Brands such as Apple Music, Beats by Dre, Cornetto, Google, Tesco and more.

In that time, I've written, recorded, tweeted, snapped and posted about everything from football to festivals and Grime to baby grows.

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How to Navigate Product Launches During COVID-19

When Emily and Oliver Orlik came up with the idea for their baby clothing company, NINA, more than a year ago, a global pandemic was the furthest thing from their minds. The couple was living in Peru at the time, where they met suppliers and cotton farmers involved in Pima fabric production – a high-quality, soft and smooth cotton material. Back in the UK, the pair made plans to launch their business, working with local creatives to design the first collection. “By March, we were ready to press

A No-Nonsense Guide to Understanding Working Capital

Put simply, working capital is the cash your business requires to pay its bills and keep operating successfully. That means having enough money available at your fingertips to pay your suppliers, employees, rent, maintenance costs and all other overheads. It is really important to have a detailed understanding of your working capital to ensure your business is able to sustain itself and be prepared for the future. You calculate working capital by subtracting your current liabilities (what you o

How to Avoid Too Many or Too Few Employees by Building a "Goldilocks" Team

While employee count often correlates with revenue, growing your company isn’t as simple as hiring more staff. Having too few employees means staff are overworked and forced to underdeliver while having too many could bloat your operating costs and shrink profits. In between is the “Goldilocks zone”, where your team produces the maximum output at the lowest expense. Here are five things to consider to help you strike the ideal balance. 1. Have you got clearly defined existing roles and respons

How To Encourage Your Customers To Settle Their Accounts

Businesses looking to maximise cashflow can explore accounts receivable by asking their customers to make good on outstanding invoices. The trouble is that some of those companies may be struggling with cashflow themselves, making them reluctant or unable to settle their debts until more certainty is restored to the economic environment. A 2020 report from Deloitte, "COVID-19: Managing cashflow during a period of crisis," notes that “companies tend to get lax about receivables when the economy

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Hank Azaria as Brockmire is One To Watch

Backing him up inside and outside the booth of the minor league club he now calls home are the forceful but also rarely sober team owner Jules (Amanda Peet) and the naïve, slightly dim intern Charles (Tyrel Jackson Williams). The guest cast includes Azaria’s fellow sitcom and voiceover veteran Richard Kind ( ) and actual Oscar winner JK Simmons ( ) – but over the course of two brilliant seasons, it’s the title character who really shines. Here’s why Brockmire might just be the best character Az

Motherland BBC comedy – series 2 interview with Sharon Horgan

Motherland, Monday 7 October, 10pm, BBC Two HD (CH 102). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > BBC iPlayer Shining a hilarious spotlight on the perils of motherhood, Motherland began life as a pilot aired during BBC Two’s “Sitcom Season”. Series 1 soon followed, with the writing team – Sharon Hogan, comedian Holly Walsh, and Helen and Graham Linehan (Father Ted and The IT Crowd) – delving further into the daily lives of stressed-out mums. The farcical, side-splitting series follo

What you might not know about Masters Of Sex

3. The sex scenes are planned out in advance Like William and Virginia’s research, the show’s sex scenes are less about the pursuit of passion and more about presenting the act through a scientific lens. But that doesn’t make filming them any easier, with the lead actors describing their on-screen trysts dispassionately. However, Caplan has stated in interviews that she would love to have time to prepare for these scenes, especially as the relationship between the pair develops. 4. Michael Sh

Bob’s Burgers season 10 and more adult animation

Since 2011, the hilarious hit cartoon has been racking up ratings and fans. The brainchild of creator Loren Bouchard, it boasts a stellar cast of voice actors, including H Jon Benjamin (Archer), Kristen Schaal (Flight Of The Conchords) and comedians Sarah Silverman and Aziz Ansari. Together with the show’s writers, they bring to life stories of everyday family events that spiral out of control, making the animated show a bit like a smaller-scale The Simpsons, flavoured with some King Of The Hill


Why every marketer needs to ‘be more pirate’ with their creativity

Though pirates like Blackbeard and Anne Bonny are rightly infamous as lawbreakers, it’s also important to consider their status as agents of change. Facing a self-interested establishment, a broken system and certain uncertainty, they didn’t just break the rules, they rewrote them. They didn’t just reject society, they reinvented it. Their innovation, social leadership, and rule-breaking ways were a powerful way to enact change and challenge the status quo. That’s why, I’d argue, every decision

How marketers can ask the right questions and influence better business decisions

The takeaway: Don’t go into any discussion assuming that you’ve got everything figured out. There’s a reason the other person thinks the way they do, and by respecting that you’re more likely to have a productive discussion with them. Remember that what people think isn’t as important as why they think it. Once you’ve told me what you think about something, my first question is likely to be why? The moment you start asking people why they think things, you stop trying to impose your will upon t

The 5 principles for making unskippable video ads

Some studies suggest that the human attention span has de-evolved, dropping from 12 to 8 seconds1 and yet YouTube watch-time is increasing – with many popular channels offering videos comparable in length to traditional TV. So, how can our attention spans be falling, when we are consuming more? To solve this apparent paradox, we formed an alternate hypothesis: maybe our perceived drop in attention span actually comes from the fact that we’re now making decisions much faster. There’s an increasi

Women’s sport is booming on YouTube. Here are five ways to reach its growing army of fans

If the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup has taught us one thing so far, it’s that the lazy argument that ‘there’s no consumer appetite for women’s sport’ is a fallacy. Not only did 11.7m viewers tune in to the BBC to watch England battle the US in the semi-finals (setting a new record for women’s football in the UK1), but many millions more have engaged online, with YouTube at the heart of this. And with viewers agreeing that a lack of coverage is the main barrier to watching more2, it’s clear that t